Do Succulents Like Eggshells? (Recycle Eggs As Plant Fertilizer!)

If you’re a succulent lover, you may have heard that eggshells can be a helpful addition to your plants’ soil. But really do succulents like eggshells?

In this article, we’ll explore the relationship between succulents and eggshells, and whether or not this popular hack is worth your time. By the end of this quick read, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether or not eggshells are a valuable addition to your succulent care routine.”

One of my favorite ways to care for my succulents is by using items that would otherwise go to waste.

To give you an idea, I reuse old jars and cups as planters, and you would never see me throw out a plastic cup! Those make the best propagation vessels. 

And I try to do the same with my food scraps!

Did you know that some foods can really help your succulents grow? It’s true!

For example, eggs are packed with minerals and nutrients that are great for both humans and plants. 

Do not throw your used eggshells in the compost bin directly after breakfast. Use them to feed your plants!

Are eggshells good for Succulents?

As you may know, eggshells are a rich source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other essential nutrients.  All succulent varieties will enjoy the extra nutrients that eggshells offer! 

Benefits of eggshells as fertilizer for Succulents

  • Eggshells are a good source of many important nutrients, including calcium. Your succulents need these nutrients to grow big and strong. 
  • Using eggshells can help to lower the acidity of the soil. When your succulent’s soil becomes too acidic, it can inhibit the absorption of many nutrients. This may result in deficiencies over time. 
  • Due to the sharp edges of crushed eggshells, sprinkling them on top of your succulent’s soil can help keep pests at bay! The sharp particles of the eggshells act like razor blades on soft-bodied insects. 

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Eggshell Powder

One of the ways to use eggshells for your succulents is by making an eggshell powder. This powder can be sprinkled or dusted on your plant’s soil or mixed directly in the potting mix before planting succulents! 

How to make eggshell powder

You don’t want any dirt on the shells!

Next, allow the shells to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Crush the washed and dried eggshells using a blender or grinder. You should be left with a relatively fine powder. 

Apply this powder on the top of your soil, or mix it directly in your potting soil. Now, watch your succulents thrive with the nutrients from the eggs!

Eggshell Tea

Making eggshell tea is a great way to create a DIY succulent fertilizer. This allows you to control the nutrient content of your fertilizer to cater to the specific needs of your succulent. This way, you can make sure that the right amount of nutrients is given to each plant, depending on what it needs. 

How to make Eggshell Tea

To make eggshell fertilizer tea, you’ll need about 10-20 eggshells for 1 gallon of water. How many eggs you use exactly is up to you! The more eggs you use for your tea, the stronger the nutrient solution.

Boil your water for about 10 minutes, then drain out the eggshells. Allow the liquid to cool down completely before use. 

Or, you could soak the eggshells overnight before draining them. 

You can apply this homemade fertilizer the same way you would a store-bought plant food!

I recommend fertilizing your succulents once every 6-12 months

If needed, you can dilute the solution further by adding more water. This option is good for young, unestablished succulents with a brittle root system. 

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Can you use eggshell as a Succulent pot?

Yes, you can use eggshells as a pot for your mini succulents. However, it is important to remember that eggs’ high calcium and mineral content may lead to root burn on your succulents! 

My favorite way to use eggshells as planters is by putting my cuttings in them!

Eggs are the perfect size for small leaf or stem cuttings

If you want to try out using eggshells as pots, follow the steps below:

  • Pick a large, whole egg. Preferably, use an organic egg. Sometimes, antibiotics or chemicals are added to eggs, which could cause plant issues. 
  • Take a butter knife and gently crack the top of the egg open. Do your best not to break the egg in the process!
  • Use your finger and break the top off the egg. Remove as much as you need to create an opening big enough for your succulent.
  • Remove the inside of the egg (maybe make an omelet!) and thoroughly rinse the inside to remove any leftover yolk. Be very gentle, as the eggshell may crack if you use a strong stream. 
  • Once the egg is completely clean, add your succulent potting mix. 
  • Add your succulent (or cutting) and water the soil lightly.
  • Et voila! You’ve made your very own succulent pot from an eggshell. If you’re feeling fancy, consider placing the egg in a pretty egg holder to display your creation! 

What Plants Like Eggshells?

Apart from succulents, many other plants can benefit from eggshell nutrients! A couple of plants, in particular, enjoy being fertilized with eggshells. 

These include tomato, pepper, spinach, and other veggie crops. These plants have a high need for calcium and potassium, which eggshells are incredibly rich in! 

So, if you’ve got a vegetable garden, consider using eggshell fertilizer for your veggies. 

Please note that while eggshells are high in nutrients, they do not contain all essential building blocks for your plants. To prevent potential deficiencies, we recommend using a specialized plant fertilizer alongside your eggshells! 

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What Plants Dislike Eggshells?

Since eggshells lower soil acidity, they can be impractical for acid-loving plants, like Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and Blueberry. 

Adding eggshells to alkaline soils can cause nutrient issues because the wrong pH level will inhibit the absorption of many nutrients!

However, if you keep these plants in acidic soil, you can add eggshells worry-free. Eggshells lower the soil’s acidity slightly, so if the soil is acidic enough, the pH should remain low enough for the plants to absorb the necessary nutrients. 

If you want to be 100% sure that your plants live in the right soil acidity, you can use a soil moisture meter.

This device tells you exactly how acidic your soil is, making it easy to tell if your plants will appreciate eggshell fertilizer. 

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How to put eggshells in potted plants

If the idea of crushing or boiling your eggshells does not appeal to you, don’t worry. Your succulents can enjoy all the benefits from eggshells without the extra steps!

You can place large eggshell chunks near the pot’s bottom as a drainage hole cover.  These chunks will prevent soil from falling out of the pot and release essential nutrients for your succulents to enjoy!

Conclusion – Do Succulents like Eggshells?

Yes, eggshells can be used as fertilizer for succulents. Eggshells are a rich source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other essential nutrients that succulents need to grow big and strong. The sharp edges of crushed eggshells can also help keep pests at bay. You can also use eggshells as a pot for mini succulents, but it’s important to remember that their high calcium and mineral content may lead to root burn on succulents.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Are crushed eggshells good for Succulents?

Eggshells are a rich source of potassium, calcium, and other essential nutrients that can greatly benefit your succulent’s health. Using eggshells to fertilize your succulents is a great way to reduce waste and enhance your succulent’s growth! 

Do succulents like eggshell water?

Eggshell water, or eggshell ‘tea,’ contains many nutrients from the eggs. Using this water to feed your succulents will improve their growth and keep them happy and healthy. 

Do eggshells make succulents grow faster?

Due to their high nutrient content, eggshells can greatly boost your succulent’s growth. Regardless, it is important to remember that succulents are simply slow growers.  Even if they are in the best possible conditions, they will not grow rapidly. 

If your succulent seems to be taking a break from growing, you might want to consider using eggshell fertilizer to give it a little boost of nutrients and help it start growing again! 

Are boiled eggshells still good for succulents?

If you want to use the eggshells from your boiled eggs, you can simply save the water you boiled them in. The water will absorb the nutrients from the shells, leaving you with a nutrient-rich fertilizer you can use for your succulents!

How long to soak eggshells for succulents?

To brew eggshell tea for succulents, you can leave the eggshells to soak for anywhere between 8-24 hours. The longer you let them soak, the stronger the nutrient solution will become!